Auditions for Acting

Upon receiving your completed Court Theatre Training Company application form and UCAS application (BA (Hons) 2 Year Intensive course only) you will receive an email inviting you to one of our audition days. This process is ongoing throughout the Academic Year and is the same for both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Acting courses (Please see our Prospectus on the homepage for details on the application process for the Postgraduate courses in Directing and Stage Management).

For the audition you are required to prepare TWO contrasting pieces of not more than two minutes in length. These are to be:

(i)Shakespeare, or alternative playwright from the same period; and

(ii)A contemporary piece from a modern play (1980 onwards).

It is essential that you have a good working knowledge of both plays to be presented.

Please choose pieces that are suitable for your age, gender and experience. We are likely to ask you questions or ask you to improvise around your choice, so please do make sure you know the play well. Do remember we are looking for your potential, and it is more important that you find the truth and reality of your chosen pieces than aim for a finished performance.

There are possible recalls and workshops you may be asked to attend.

There is a non refundable Audition Fee of £35.  

Please be aware we require payment and your completed Court Theatre Training Company application form before the audition. If you have applied through our website and not UCAS, you do not need to resend the application form.

Any applicants who have not paid prior to audition will need to bring £35 in cash on the day or they will not be seen. 

International Students we are no longer able to accept DVD auditions and require you to attend the audition.


Audition dates 2016/17

The next auditions for BA (Hons) Acting 2 years intensive 2016/17 enrolment will be held on:

Thursday, 14th January 2016
Thursday, 28th January 2016
Thursday, 11th February 2016
Thursday, 25th February 2016

Auditionees must be prepared to stay until 5.30pm, dependent on recalls. 

To secure a place at our next audition day, please submit your applications through UCAS and Court Theatre Training Company (please see APPLYING section) as soon as possible.