BA (HONS) ACTING 2 Years Intensive




validated by Buckinghamshire New University. Please find details on our degree on their webpage here.

The BA (Hons) Acting 2 Years Intensive is distinctive and unique by being specifically designed for the practical training of the actor, and work within the course can take place within the professional environment of and acclaimed working theatre -The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton. Each semester provides an exciting and relevant opportunity for the development of the actor’s journey and craft.

The course is rather different in that it offers students the opportunity of gaining an honours degree in two years instead of the usual three. A three-year degree is comprised of two semesters a year, whereas our degree has three semesters a year. It is hard intensive work, especially as the holiday periods are shorter to accommodate the third semester.

The training is structured within a modular curriculum and will encourage individual and ensemble aspects of actor training to investigate the process from rehearsal to performance. As a small, intimate training school we feel especially able to cope with the specific demands of each prospective actor. The three basic strands – Acting, Movement and Voice – inevitably overlap in practice and directly influence the work in all areas of the delivered curriculum.

Please be aware the majority of modules are taught beyond the semester they are introduced; students will extensively train in the same core modules for the full two years.


Year One is concentrated with a range of knowledge, understanding and skills on the foundations of acting and the development of the reflective practitioner.

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Acting 1 - Introduction to Acting

Acting 2 - The Actor’s Journey

Acting 3- Development of Character


Classical Theatre

Rehearsal Process




Other subjects include: Period Dance, Ballet, Improvisation, Theatre history, Sight Reading, Accents and Dialects

Year Two investigates specialist areas of the theatre and will relate to possible career paths and how the professional skills and practices may be utilised in the performance industry. Personal marketable skills and intellectual skills will extend the range of the performer. There will be an increasing emphasis on the roles and responsibilities of the individual creative artist within an ensemble and professional environment by being a member of our springboard company – N1 Theatre Company


Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Early 20th Century Drama

Acting for Recorded Media

Production 2 - N1 Theatre Company



Production 3 - N1 Theatre Company


Production 1


Other subjects include: Dance, Movement, Voice, Stage combat (BADC certificate) Professional Practice and an Industry Showcase

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