Production courses - Overview


Here at Court, we know that the art of Theatre cannot be completed by actors alone. It requires a team of devoted individuals pulling together to create a team effort. Just as actors have to do this on-stage, so to do the directors and technicians off-stage, and it is integral to the demands of a cohesive, watchable production that they are well trained, highly motivated, thoroughly organized individuals. We welcome those individuals to consider taking a Postgraduate Diploma with us in the field of either Directing or Stage Management.

The demands on a Director and Stage Manager are strenuous, and thus they are expected to be organized, confident, open-minded and resourceful individuals, and yet also willing and able to adapt to the demands of being a team player. The ability to think on your feet and to develop and rely on your instincts is paramount to success in the production disciplines.

The demands of the production process of theatre are different to acting, but they are no less demanding and indeed no less rewarding. It is not unheard of for our acting students to choose to follow a more backstage and production-orientated path after they graduate.

As with the acting courses, the main principle behind the technical courses is that it is advantageous to get the experience and training needed in a hands-on, practical environment. You will be interacting with the students from the other acting and production disciplines regularly. As such there is some crossover between all the disciplines, and it is important that those in the production disciplines become acquainted with the demands of the various factions that create the final theatrical product and learn to appreciate the importance of each person in a production. For both of our technical courses, we ask the students to become fully aware of the many different offstage pieces of the theatrical puzzle that come together to form the work of staged theatre.

There is a lot of practically-based work and education involved in the production courses, in order that the students become aware of the technical demands of theatre. By learning the skills related to the technical fields the prospective Directors and Stage Managers learn how to integrate these ever-evolving aspects of performance into the productions of the future. Court believes that a solid understanding of the fundamentals allows for a greater understanding how to experiment and to innovate.

Students on the Directing and Stage Management courses help with the productions put on by Court Theatre Training Company, collaborating with the Acting students and the directors of these productions. By undertaking these productions, the students learn on the job the demands and strategies required for effective theatre.